Dubbels Trucking Operation
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Not Every Trucking Company is the Same

Dubbels Trucking, based in Randolph, MN, has a growing reputation for delivering on-time services in a safe and professional manner. Since 1994 we have been a leading over-the-road carrier for the Midwest, picking up freight from customers where other companies have failed to deliver.


We provide comprehensive dry bulk and liquid transport services for a variety of industries including the agricultural and construction sectors. Whether it’s hauling sand or grain, when you need to hire a trucking company you want to be assured that the driver will be there on time and complete the job properly – that’s where we come in.


At Dubbels Trucking we operate as a full-service trucking company hauling both dry and liquid commodities with our own fleet of semi-tractors and trailers. Starting out with one man, one truck and an unwavering drive for customer satisfaction we have grown into a reliable solution for many companies and agricultural establishments. Drawing upon our founder’s original determination and vision, we will continue to grow and expand our service offerings to meet the needs of our customers.


Contact Dubbels Trucking to get your freight on the road today. Let us prove to you that not every trucking company is the same.